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"Yes, you can help me by leaving me alone".

I only use it when I absolutely need to, but yep - if you NEED to push sales that hard, and you can afford to employ people to do nothing but approach customer's individually all day long, then sorry - you either don't need my money, or you've got problems which mean I don't want to be relying on you for ongoing support.

Maplin's is just proof of this - from when you need to push your wares in my face, and approach me when I'm clearly standing there holding an armful of very specific techy electronic items which I've experienced no problem determining what they are, at that point you have too much invested in staff having to push products rather than customers coming to you to get them. And look what happens to companies who get that far.

EDIT: My usual line, in any kind of Maplin's / CEX / etc. is usually "Do I *look* like I need help in a geek shop?"... because there's no way anyone looks at me in an electronics shop and thinks "Poor old non-techy codger, maybe he needs a hand"... I basically project "geek". Said in the right tone, it makes people laugh, agree, and wander off.

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