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Paying over the odds for less protection than normal...

If you guy from a company that's going out of business then I doubt you'd have much joy with the Consumer Rights Act - when that expensive gadget fails you won't have a seller to return the item to for a refund or repair.

There's various things that they stock that I'm interested in, but they've long been relatively expensive for such items even compared to stock available for next-day delivery, meaning that I was mainly likely to buy from them if I needed something that same day. If their prices were closer to competitive then impatience may have won out more often, or confidence in returns, but really they lost their place in the market through not making it compelling to use their stores despite higher prices.

The problem with their approach for clearing stock is that people are going to be wary of buying knowing they'll get no after-sales support at all, so charging the going uncompetitive prices just leaves things unsold. Given how fast tech stock depreciates it's just throwing away the significant value of that stock. Presumably while the liquidators running that fiasco are pocketing premium fees for their oversight... someone's getting a decent amount out of the assets of Maplins, and you can bet it's not the suppliers and other existing creditors.

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