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"I like the downvotes....

Ricoh Laser printer."

I like the idea of Linux and every so often I do a test. I take my last laptop - whatever it is - and I try to install whatever seems to be the flavour of the month distro on it as well as Ubuntu. I tend to but Dell laptops so this shouldn't be a struggle. If I have to do anything other than enter some basic information and options and click a few buttons I view it as a failure. After all if the "rubbish" Windows can do this then it should be ok. I have the usual things attached or that I want to use; a printer, a couple of monitors, wireless keyboard, NAS drive etc... etc... So far I haven't had a single success. The best I have ever had is everything working except the wireless card and printer - these seem to be Linux bugbears. I keep trying and one day I'll get it to work and then go on to my phase 2 which is try to replace my usual software and see if it is truly better.

I fully accept there will be downvotes for me as I'll be viewed as incompetent. Dammit - I used to set up OS/2 for a job - I know difficult installations.

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