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"Because kids these days, they're not dumb?"

Strongly depends on the kid these days. Sadly.

I run a small business which sells gothic & alternative clothing and accessories - which means it's something a lot of kids "don't get".

Aside from the usual kids walking past yelling "moshers, freaks, weirdos" etc. We get some of them in the age range of 13-16 coming in to ask questions such as (and I've really been asked these by them)

- What's a belt?

- What are wristbands?

- What's an umbrella?

- Do you worship the devil?

Etc. You get the point. At first I thought "it's got to be a wind up" - but then you look at their faces and.. their dead serious they have no idea.

For example, with belts I usually say "it's to hold your trousers up" and the response 9 times out of 10 is "Why would you want to do that? it's cool to have your trousers low!".

So yup, kids aren't always smart. I'm sure their are some really smart kids out there, but there are also some really dumb ones. Just don't assume that all kids are smart.

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