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UK digi minister Hancock suggests Facebook and pals give your kids a time-out

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"I want to get this fixed before my children go on the internet. I am very worried about them being on social media. We take great care in deciding who babysits our children."

You personally, Matt. *You're* the one who is supposed to be babysitting your children. It isn't up to corporations to make sure they're raising your kids correctly and teaching them the correct lessons. It is up to *you* to ensure their wellbeing. If you want to limit their social media usage, there are *plenty* of ways to do this yourself.

Don't tar everyone else with your lazy brush.

I agree. I would guess that The Right Honourable Mr Hancock is paid a bit more than the average wage in this country. Therefore he probably can afford someone to look after his kids whilst he is hard at work. Therefore in the first instance he should be looking at home to his own actions with his offspring. I know people who earn a hell of a lot less than he does who manage to successfully keep their children away from social media or restrict their usage. You're blaming social media when you need to look at your own parenting Mr Hancock. If you're not capable of doing this then it makes me wonder about your capabilities as a minister in the government. Or do you just need some civil servants to allow you to successfully parent your children.

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