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UK digi minister Hancock suggests Facebook and pals give your kids a time-out


What does this prove?

No details were given on how the scheme would work, but it may involve extending a law requiring pornographic websites to ensure that users are over 18, by means of a credit card.

I have never been able to workout how providing "credit" card details proves that anyone is over 18. I know children that have their own debit cards that look/act like credit cards on-line. I know of children who have accessed their parent's card details to access sites or purchase on-line. I know of parents who have setup devices with their card details for their children.

Most sites I have seen that use credit cards as "adult verification" are scams.

The best form of ensuring that children "unplug" themselves is proper adult supervision... but that seems to be too much like hard work for most parents today. They would rather just give the child a "digital pacifier"...

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