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Dear AM/FM1,

if I recall correctly, TimBL *was* looking to encourage each and every citizen on the planet Earth to become their own broadcaster. I think he's only achieved a remarkable 50% coverage; tho' a lot of that citizen broadcasting has been recently grabbed inside the current walled gardens, FB etc. Which he has loudly protested about, repeatedly.

The web, (D)ARPA-web, world-wide, etc has a history of characters who have led or seemingly lead inexorably towards the death of the abusive "print editorial" & regional journalism, which is probably only being kept alive from its death-spiral at present by the 'Ulfkotte' brown-envelopes? You're right; Without tame barons, where would they be!

Anyway, personally I don't think he's been silent, but he did want more semantics. Look at all the nice 'scary' crypto here:

trust the weather is suitable, your end of the link , AC {obviously, PC, Pseudonymous Coward}

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