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Point is there's a world of difference between a realistic idea and a pipe dream, and if you want to deal with the consolidation of information, short of a new evolution of man, you need something rather tangible and immediate.

How is my idea a pipe-dream? Isn't that how search engines started out?

You build a server that crawls through the internet web pages to create an index, and you create a search tool for that index based on algorithms which prioritize particular results. Once upon a time that was based on key-word searches etc. - I'm not suggesting anyone do anything new, just provide an alternate service.

As for it not being that popular and starting with a modest budget, I totally agree. Most people probably wouldn't be interested, but you never know do you? This is the internet after all, weirder things have taken hold.

If Google hadn't come along and done exactly this in the first place, they wouldn't have had a huge market share to then subvert the process for paid advertising purposes with the current situation as the result.

I have no illusions that such a service would rival Google et al. but there's no reason it couldn't be built and that quite a few people (me included) would use it.

Perhaps if someone could put forward a more cogent counter-argument to this idea perhaps I could understand the negativity towards something that I see as a very simple and obvious option to pursue.

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