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Tim Berners-Lee says regulation of the web may be needed

David Shaw

Yes trolly, Tim 'invented' the WWW quite a while before release, hyperlinking all his DD department notes on his CompaQ 80286 'luggable', so that he could find a document in the vast space of its 20 megabyte hard disk. He did some typing in my apartment near Prévessin, probably before the ISO 8879 SGML release?

His genius, apart from regularly beating me at Scrabble, was to extend an idea that 'worked on his PC' in the mid 80's, to just 'the rest of the world.' And then defend it, gratis. That's why The Queen's College, Oxford have named a [small] cafeteria after him.

And SGML was written by a non-programming car-rally enthusiast called Charles, don't forget, who commented The World Wide Web, for example, succeeded commercially while many nobler, more technically interesting hypermedia systems proved only of academic interest, because of the Web's artful compromise in connecting technology to the needs of a real user community Tim was awake, he groks tech.

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