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UK digi minister Hancock suggests Facebook and pals give your kids a time-out

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And they realized they can connect from other places than the computer in the home living room?

If the platforms 'pseudo-suspended' the accounts for - say - 18 hours a day it wouldn't matter much where the kids tried to access them from.

I'm unsure about this idea. On the one hand I have never liked government interference in parenting (or indeed any other part of citizen's lives). On the other hand it's a difficult thing for parents to 'police' so maybe they need some help. But I'm even less keen on abdicating responsibility to corporations. we actually know it does harm? It is very likely affecting the culture their generation is developing but just because it looks different to the older generation(s) doesn't mean that it's bad. There were plenty of people who thought Rock 'n Roll would cause the end of civilisation.

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