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When you have....

...doctors, nurses and consultants in an A&E department insisting on the generic login account they use on each PC having its user name and password stuck to the monitor for all patients to see, then this doesn't surprise me. Granted they are very busy and I understand why they do it (if you're on a nightshift and don't know the generic login with no IT available) but still not great practice.

Also shows how messed up the NHS is when in IT you get a request to move a massive PACs monitor from another building. You get there and no one even knows the department exists despite there being a sign in reception pointing to the department. You ask the person over who organised it because you're ID doesn't work in said building (like most areas). Turns out their ID also doesn't work. Great. You eventually find said PACs monitor which isn't massive as stated. You then get chatting with the nurses who explain IT were over earlier but just took the keyboard and mouse. Really!? The guy was massive we were told, and there were two of them.

So turns out they were just being lazy and didn't want to move the monitor. Force the contractors to do it instead despite that not being what they are paid for.

You eventually get it to the building required and told "Your contact there is Dave. He'll sort you out". We get there. Dave knows nothing about it. Then eventually twigs it might be something relating to what was happening earlier so points you to the location it needs to go to. Yet this location doesn't have a lift yet this monitor is kinda heavy. Eventually get it into its place and done.

The lack of communication and everyone just out for themselves (IT palming the crap job they couldn't be bothered to do onto the contractors) is what annoys me about the NHS.

May not be so relevant for the article but its NHS related and I needed to rant.

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