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Tim Berners-Lee says regulation of the web may be needed

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Well, thinking in a broader sense...perhaps our rules and regulations need to be rethought since geographical boundaries no longer have any meaning?

I mean....look how far behind the UK was when it came to copyright law...the existing system simply didn't have any concept of digital downloads, and made it technically illegal to copy a song from your computer to your phone...

And now given how trivial it is to host popular websites outside your own country, most of our laws about hate speech, extremist content and suchlike are completely ineffective. Look at this pathetic attempt to force age verification on porn sites. Since most of them are hosted abroad, it will make absolutely no difference.

If you want to use regulations to protect the population, then they need to be thinking a couple of steps ahead where we are. Otherwise you're always playing catch-up

Disclaimer: No, this post isn't encouraging more stupid laws, nor is it approving of anything that you may not like. I'm simply saying that the modern world doesn't respect political borders like the government thinks it does.

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