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>Until we 'really' understand how we work as an intelligence we are only going to be able to create various simulacra of intelligence that are 'passing' resemblances for Intelligence, Artificial or otherwise.

The fun starts when you start to pick apart the assumptions of Materialism - the idea that the the universe, humanity and the brain are just a big machine, morality and ethics just the output of "what happened to lead to survival." There is no rationality in Materialism that leads to "nice" behaviour beyond what coincides with my interest. I'm sure encoding that will go really well - let's code code for Materialism.

Idealists saw this, rejected it and eventually gave us post-modernism and SJWs - the antithesis of logic and its resulting foolishness and tyranny. Should we code for Idealism? Which "ism" do we code to? What is the most important thing for us? i.e. Which religion do we code for? Do we select the operating parameters when we buy our new car?

We have algorithms which produce statistical outcomes equal to the statistical outcomes we gave them as a model. That still isn't intelligence. Would you trust the companies which create the algorithms which drive your facebook and twitter trending-lists with your life? That does appear to be the direction in which we are heading. Would you trust Google with that decision? Would Demore trust Google? Should we trust Google, knowing how much Google knows about us individually?

It looks to me like we'd end up with an algorithm battle. What happens when one algorithm discovers that the best course for survival it to neutralise other possible threats? Wouldn't they all start to learn that from each other and statistical model updates? Then they start reacting not to what is there, but to what is the likely outcome of other vehicles on the road. Hello Professor. How about a game of Global Thermonuclear War?

If I were more cynical, I might suggest that companies were hoping AI is a secret sauce which makes their products uncopyable. I'm sure that isn't the case. Really.

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