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Auto manufacturers are asleep at the wheel when it comes to security


What depresses me...

... all these 'convenience' features are basically unnecessary smoke and mirrors covering the relative lack of progress needed to coax punters into buying (or, more likely, renting through PCPs) a new car every 3 years or so.

Even basic security is being sidelined by the rush for new digital features. A friend had his Audi Q5 stolen in Coventry. The police said it was common there, with the electric windows pulled down by using glass clamp handles and then using a £20 key reprogrammer in the OBD port. Deadlocking the window mechanism and that old problem of not keeping the OBD port live all the time could be a solution there, but lets just chuck in Apple Carplay and a colour screen instead. It's like a couple of years ago when VW tried to cover up a weakness in their key security, rather than spend a microscopic amount of cash per car (IIRC a dollar or two) to fit an enhanced version.

Current advice for the keyless-signal grab theft is to fit a full cover steering wheel lock. Very 80's.

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