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"Automobiles are getting smarter all the time"

A bugs bunny like toon:~

Two small time criminals, named from out of the movies.

Luigi: {a large rotund man, slow thinker}.

Vincento, {a much smaller type with narrow eyes, clearly the boss}.

Both are walking down the street, together.

Luigi: {Spies little pellets on the sidewalk/footpath and asks Vincento}

Luigi : "what dem pellets boss ?"

Vincento:"why, them smart pellets Luigi, if you eat them you get smart like me".

Luigi: {stooping and picking up the pellets and eating them, as he follows Vincento down the street.}

Luigi: "Hey boss, these pellets taste lie rat shit".

Vincento:" Ahhh Luigi, you get smarter all the time !".


Automobiles are getting smarter all the time! We are not.

Although we are being given the rat shit and are being told how wonderful it is.

After many deaths we might eventually gain some benefit and insight from these smart pellets, and wake up to the fact that we've been had, or at lease fooled ourselves.

Use assistive AI, not replacement AI.

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