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I'm a developer who does launchers, utilities, shell enhancements, etc... parts of it needs to dig deep into the OS to accomplish what users want them to do, so they are not your run-of-the-mill vanilla applications. Because of this I have to keep up with OS changes under-the-hood, make sure all the latest updates don't break some key functionality of my applications.

For now my main development machine is still Windows 7, and I test the software on Windows 10 VMs and also a couple of physical Windows 10 PCs I have here. However, since I do eat my own dog food, this is very different from actually living on Windows 10 for 24/7 - only by immersing yourself in the latest Windows version do you really get a 'feel' for what needs improving.

So, I will be finally moving my main development machine to Windows 10 soon. But let me tell you this - and this is the whole point of my post - I have been running Windows since the 3.0 days (even paid for the Windows 95 beta, and boy, was it worth it, I loved it!), and in all these years this is the FIRST TIME that instead of being excited to install a new Windows version, I actually DREAD the day I have to do it.

The transition from XP to Vista was very difficult for most developers, I imagine, but even that was EXCITING! Vista was beautiful and a step in the right direction, it only got a lot of hate because it demanded a lot of the hardware at the time, the new security restrictions broke a lot of older applications, and developers simply weren't really ready for it. But once those wrinkles were eventually ironed out and Windows 7 came out - not much more than a refined and polished version of Vista IMO - users LOVED it. I would say that it was the most loved version of Windows ever, high up there with Windows 95.

It was so good visually that it essentially killed the Windows customization/skinning market (remember Stardock WindowBlinds?). And so what does Microsoft do? Keep going in the same direction since it proved so popular? Nope, they grow Apple envy and decide to turn Windows into a closed wall garden, which essentially they can only do by killing Win32 and replacing it with *something else* they can control 100% - conveniently forgetting that the only reason Windows was so much more popular than MacOSX was precisely because, unlike the latter, it always was an open environment with a huge priority on backwards compatibility.

And since Microsoft was never an innovator but instead a sucker for the latest fabs and technologies (abandoning them later just as fast), they then somehow convinced themselves that using RAD for an OS was a really good idea (WTF?!). And so they managed to alienate both Windows users *and* developers. Nice going MS.

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