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Yes, I know there is Open Office and others and they do work; just not as well or as intuitively for Joe Public I'm afraid.

I beg to differ. Microsoft removed any kind of "intuitive" when they lumbered the users with the dreaded ribbon. People that had built up years of experience and productivity got screwed overnight with this latest "innovation" and it's been shit ever since - I think you can only claim the current code to be intuitive if you preface that word with "counter".

That botch job was the exact reason I switched to LibreOffice, but now I use NeoOffice on a Mac because LO seems to consider it beneath its dignity to support the way MacOS allows accented characters to be entered. Not sure why,. but I fear it's a not-invented-here issue.

Calling MS Office intuitive is IMHO either insulting the intelligence of the reader or merely stated for comic effect.

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