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No. Technology, oh yes. Software no; I struggle to avoid it.

I have written software before, years ago. 30-feet long and 'Mic Drop' perfect, walk away. More than once, so not just lucky.

These days it's all libraries and overly complex OSs, so even an individual effort is relying on hundreds of other idiots. It's now nearly impossible to achieve perfection, because modern programmers are all 'Standing on the Shoulders of Morons.'

It's hopeless. I want nothing to do with software. Beyond fiddling with Arduinos because they're so cute and mostly harmless.

PS. If I did work in the automotive industry, it'd presumably be Mercedes since that's what I drive (for almost 20 years now). That wouldn't be so embarrassing in this context, since their security is probably pretty good. They make fewer blunders than other brands.

PS2: People working in tech should know how it all works. Shouldn't sleep until it's understood, in the basics. Can't accept magic.

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