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"The hackers need to get within a meter or two of your keys, so their can 'illuminate' it with enough RF to power it up."

Actually it's the other way around. The car is continuously beaconing for the key fob because it has the battery power to do so. The attack uses a repeater that is close to the car (which is outside in a driveway or parking spot), amplifies the beaconing signal and thus triggers the key fob for a response even if the key is dozens of feet away inside the locked house.

The repeater picks up the key's reply amplifies it, and passes it to the car, unlocking the doors and allowing the car to be started and driven away. The countermeasure is to detect the miniscule delay caused by the repeater circuitry that would not be present if the key was next to the car. Previous reports show that almost no car manufacturers implemented that check.

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