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Does it give you a choice of WHAT it scrapes, or just give you a yes/no to access your music and oh yeah grabs all that other stuff just because? I'm not sure phones have the same protections about what can be grabbed once you 'trust' a device it is connected to. Looks like they need protections for individual items similar to how apps have to be separately granted permissions to touch contacts, texts, photos, etc.

While you could perhaps understand grabbing contacts if it has some voice integration to tell your phone to call Joe or whatever, grabbing all your texts and location data should not be allowed. By either the phone or the law - because you know damn well if it is grabbing and storing that, it is getting uploaded to the automaker when you bring the car in for service (or maybe sooner, if it can connect via wifi or LTE) What they do with then, who knows, but it can't be good.

Another reason not to upgrade my car that's too old to directly interface with my phone!

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