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Auto manufacturers are asleep at the wheel when it comes to security

Hans 1 Silver badge

As I have written before, already ...

They ship outdated software, with script-toddler-level design flaws, and provide updates for max 24 months .. and that is if you are lucky to get them... the automotive industry is incapable to keep pace with technology, so why are they so obsessed. Cars are used on average for 10 years, imagine unpatched cars, can we sue manufacturers for not providing patches ? The worst joke is the price of these addons ...

Listen, our smartphones & tablets are fine for the car, we do not want your untested, obsolete at delivery, unpatched script-toddler code that has more vulns than a sex toy, thanks! Please provide us with an amp with standard connectors, no, WE DO NOT EVEN WANT bluetooth ...

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