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MS went too far with Windows 8 -- but are too arrogant to notice or care.

They did indeed, but at least 8 is still an OS that serves the user rather than its creator, under all that metro crap. You can use aftermarket tools to make 8 pretty decent... Classic Shell (whose author has been driven to exhaustion trying to keep up with Windows 10's changes), Old New Explorer, a custom theme of your choice, and a bunch of tweaking (through manual registry edits or programs like Winaero Tweaker), and you've got yourself a decent OS once again. One that doesn't have huge, unwanted updates twice a year, one that gives you control over updates, one that is not in permanent beta because of excessive code churn... it's ridiculous how much work it takes to turn their product (which is there to be used, right?) into something that actually is usable, but at least it is feasible to do so.

Then there's Windows 10. It changes too much, too fast to ever think you've gotten a handle on all the dumb stuff. You get it to where you want it, and then another update comes along and breaks all your changes, reinstalls the crap you took pains to remove, reverts your settings, and the cycle begins anew, only this time the tricks you used to get rid of the crap you just cannot abide may not work, and it may take a few months before anyone discovers a new way of creatively breaking Windows so that it serves the user instead of Microsoft.

Referring back to that original quote in the first line of this reply... it's not that Microsoft is unaware of what people want. It's that they don't find it relevant information! They did learn a lesson from the twin failures of Windows Vista and Windows 8, but it wasn't the one we would have hoped. Rather than them learning, finally, that if you give people a crap version of Windows, those people will reject it, Microsoft learned that if you give people a choice to accept or reject your product, those people may choose to reject it. The lesson they learned was not to stop giving people crap versions of Windows... it was to stop giving people a choice.

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