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Microsoft says 'majority' of Windows 10 use will be 'streamlined S mode'


what would actually be great is if they focussed on cleaning up the mess than is Windows 10 in general. so many control panels it's impossible to know where to adjust things, so much redundant crap that adds no value (and I include Cortana in that), and performance that sucks... macOS still runs just fine on my 2012 MacBookAir, but even a signature edition Win10 install on a Surface Pro is laggy and unreliable.

the other thing that drives me crazy with Win10 even on their own hardware is that the control keys are essentially crippled because (ignoring the fact they're an inconsistent mess even within MS apps) they rely on keys that require modifiers to get to on the Surface Pro keyboard is even simple things become arcane tasks

I actually use an iPad and a bluetooth keyboard for a lot of things now, only really reach for the Mac when I am coding. The only remaining Windows machine I have is an Intel NUC running Windows for Plex and that's as locked down, services killed, automated and scripted so I never have to actually touch it as I can make it.

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