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And how many people hating on Win10 actually use it, on a day-to-day basis?

I don't use Windows 10 at all because I hate it. Why would I use something I hate? Before Windows 10, I used to use Windows on a day-to-day basis, and that could have been Windows 10 in there if Windows 10 wasn't the piece of excrement that it is. Now I don't use Windows on a day-to-day basis anymore, as I could see "the last version of Windows ever" didn't leave me any choice.

Maybe those of you bringing your legacy, non-touchscreen devices into Win10, and having a less than fruitful experience, need to try it on the hardware it was designed for?

The hardware it was designed for sucks balls and is vastly inferior to the hardware 99% of Windows users already have (what you call "legacy" hardware). I don't usually resort to such crude language, but sometimes nothing less can get a point across. Windows 10 should have been designed for the hardware people were actually going to use it on. Touchscreens bring nothing useful to the table for non-handheld displays... they're an ergonomic nightmare compared to traditional mice, and even if that was not the case, they're still slower, less precise, and require terrible UI compromises to make them work (to the extent that they do).

If MS keeps designing its OS for a hardware regime that 99% of Windows users don't have, and that most of them wouldn't want anyway, then yeah, of course we're going to call it out for being a piece of crap. As you said, Windows 10 is terrible on mouse and keyboard PCs.

I'm happy with Windows 7, but its days are numbered. Otherwise, I would just stick with it and forget that Windows 10 ever happened. Thing is, I'm also happy with Linux Mint, and it has a much longer life ahead. Microsoft has made the choice for me.

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