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Ms did some market research and found that Apple users actually like the fact that they only have one browser and can only install apps from the app store.

You should have done some research. Mac users can have a choice of browsers, including FireFox, Opera, Vivaldi, Chrome, and, of course, Lynx. Mac users can install software from multiple sources; Adobe and Microsoft software, for example is usually not available in the Apple app store. VLC was notoriously removed from the App Store after someone yapped about the license. I just downloaded the latest version from the VLC site.

iOS device users have limited choices in web browsers. FireFox on iOS is basically a special shell on top of the standard WebKit browser engine. iOS device users can only get apps from the App Store.

If you're going to compare Microsoft desktop systems to Apple systems, you really should compare to Apple desktop systems, or you look really silly.

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