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NHS Digital to probe live-stream spillage of confidential patient info – after El Reg tipoff

Anonymous Coward
Anonymous Coward

The streaming isn't the issue here, the app is.

There are good reasons that only NHS England is pushing ahead with this, the other NHS bodies in the UK are very wary of going down the app route for access to medical records.

We seem to be putting a huge amount of effort and money into accessibility to information which for a vast majority of people isn't wanted, rarely requested and is soon going to be free to access if they wait for it (and it'll be delivered securely to them).

How many of us have submitted a subject access request to see our medical records? We may do it once in a lifetime or never. There ARE those who regularly request it and for them these apps maybe make sense but not for a vast majority of the population who's medical records are relatively small and incredibly dull.

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