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Funny Story about their ruddy Driving Licence website

When I moved house a few years ago I had to do all the address change stuff which included my driving licence. Normally I would have put my new address on the back of the paper license* and send it to them in the post; job done. This time I thought I'd be clever** and use the DVLA website so it would all be sorted online to minimise the paperwork. I had to go through all sorts of steps including entering all my personal details, (IIRC) my NI number*** and my passport details. But it all went through, they accepted my new address and promised to issue updated documents.

Then on the last screen it said: You're obliged by law to return both parts of your old licence in the post so we can cancel it. So it was a complete waste of time for me (but not for them as it handily linked my passport to my driving licence and NI number). Sigh - icon ->

* It was back when the licence consisted of both a photo card and paper part

** Yes, I know!

*** Social security number for Left Pondian types. The DVLA isn't quite as bad as the DMV is reported to be, but I think the promised trade deal with your current small handed incumbent may include completing the job of dragging the DVLA down to DMV levels.

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