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Hi all, Dimitris from HPE Nimble (

Cheesy often responds like that in multiple posts, it's interesting to see his past posting history.

Based on the commentary I suspect he either works for or resells Microsoft. Which is perfectly fine, just be up front with it.

Anyway, is it possible to do grid-based storage go fast? Sure. Fast servers, fast drives in those servers, huge RDMA links between those servers, and it will be fast. Maybe not space-efficient but definitely fast.

Speed isn't difficult to achieve.

Reliable storage, with useful enterprise features plus speed, now that's the hard part.

Then there's troubleshooting. How easy is to troubleshoot the cobbled together (yet fast) grid system?

Especially if something really weird is going on.

How easy is it to get automated firmware updates for all the components the entire grid solution?

Do those updates take into account the rest of the environment that it's connected to and how the system is configured and used?

I could go on.

Doing storage right is very hard.

I've seen weird (and dangerous) bugs in drive firmware that, unless one is deeply immersed in storage and have all the right tooling and automation, would be next to impossible to figure out for someone selling SDS.

D out.

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