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Full shift to electric vans would melt Royal Mail's London hub, MPs told

Mr Blondie

Lots of FUD, not many facts or evidence. Here is my 10 cents with evidence.

Seems to be some fairly low level of knowledge of electric vehicle tech here.. I've given links to info so feel free to challenge the evidence, but if you please do provide evidence as well not just "I heard it and its true" which doesn't really deserve responding to.

Overall, petrol and diesel use a lot of electricity to produce - 8 KwH per litre, a petrol car uses more electricity overall to go a mile than an electric vehicle (EV).

Over the full life of an EV, even if it is charged using electricity made with coal power stations it will create only 50% the CO2 of an internal combustion engine (ICE) car.

Electric vehicles can time their charging to be off peak, and when plugged in can actually sell electric to the grid to balance peak demand from 5pm to 6pm as people return home.

Electric vehicles are already cheaper to own across the full life cycle than ICE and increasingly so.

Overall, the only problem here is that our grid isn't well designed, it puts lots of power to refineries which will close soon anyway as oil runs out, and not enough to residential and office space areas. It's a one off cost and one that will need doing unless more innovative solutions are created.

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