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Boffins discover chemistry that could have produced building blocks of life in space

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Life implicitly communicates its timeless source in every instant of event that you are. Such promise is really a sense of integrality that cannot be altogether smitten out of your mind. No need to believe anything that does not resonate to the experience you are the unfolding of - nor to smite any other view.

Integrality is perceived mechanistically by those who think to replace God. But their thinking is still the 'self' idea to which their reality is subjected. There is no conflict between energy expression of electrically charged relations or events - including atomic and molecular chemistry - when the model is fully accepted as model, and the consciousness communicating through the model and shared in reflection as experience, is recognised as a total event and not a partial exclusion operating independently of the whole.

The God Idea is rightly the 'Is' or in expression the "I Am". Not because you ar a thing that does thinking, but because the Thought of you knows itself in event.

The organising principle of desire in focus is purpose, form and relationship.

To be led by desires in the realm of reflected self-image (model) is to neglect the primary or true desire of 'Know Thyself' - that awareness is the beholding of, regardless the current 'charge state' and relations of any particular focus in event. So 'space' is a polarity to mattering just as awareness to the focus of attention. But matter is not an absence of space or vice versa, and experience or event is not an absence of awareness, but can seem so when energy is bound in particular constructs of compression and expansion. And we 'live' the model of the 'seem so' in experience of conflicting meanings of polarised conditionings - and in this way are more a mechanism running in place of an extending and expanding awareness in all that it is.

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