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Boffins discover chemistry that could have produced building blocks of life in space

Sirius Lee

<authors> ... "have recreated pyrene, a hydrocarbon commonly formed during the combustion processes in car engines, in a lab"

Miracle of miracles. Researchers have created in a lab a molecule that is commonly created by cars. Whoa!

Come on, the story as written is full of logical holes. How about:

"A pressurised mixture of 4-phenanthrenyl - a hydrocarbon with one unpaired electron - another hydrocarbon compound acetylene were injected into a microreactor from a nozzle at supersonic speeds."

According to the title the article is about creating molecules in space where there is no pressure and where there are no reactors.

I am sure these apparent inconsistencies are because details about the research have been have been omitted and maybe it just shows it is possible to edit articles a little too far.

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