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Britain ignores booze guidelines – heads for the pub


These crusaders never learn. When I was young, most people (excuding the young and dumb), very carefully followed the speed limits. Everyone knew they were established based on safety. Then the nasty 1970s hit, and limits were arbitrarily lowered for non-safety concerns. The result wasn't that everyone reduced their speed; many, if not most, simply ignored the new limits, and have ever since.

Now the public knows the alcohol guidelines are not based on true health studies, but on someone's personal crusade. The guidelines will now be ignored, and government may never have any credibility on this subject again.

Here's something that doesn't get much press: many, many studies have conclusions that state something like, " the likelihood of dying from x increases by y% for those who do z." What is seldom reported are the overall mortality numbers, that is, how many of the test subjects died from ALL causes versus the control group. In a great many of these studies, there is no statistical difference in overall mortality, meaning that if those in the test group had not died from doing z, they would have died anyway from something else.

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