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@Terry 6,

I was simply meaning that there is no magic number. All things being equal, an increase in fruit and veg intake is generally beneficial to your health. However, back in the real world, parent being stressed about ensuring their kids have to have their "5-a-day" may lead to all kinds of unwelcome outcomes such as:

* ironically malnutrition as poor parents spend more on fresh fruit and veg and don't have enough for a balanced diet;

* obesity as parents ply well fed kids with various fruit juices and salads with calorific dressings;

* children being taken away from parents who don't adhere to this magic "5-a-day"

* eating disorders as children are forced to eat food they don't like/want

* food shaming at schools

* increased divorce rates as the pressure of adhering to 5-a-day causes parents to fight and busy parents also have less time together as they have to take longer preparing food.

And that's just off the top of my head, I'm sure there are many more - but we haven't really looked into any of them, just as we haven't been given any scientific basis for why the number 5 was chosen.

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