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Britain ignores booze guidelines – heads for the pub



.. is bad for you one way or the other.

Meat can give you cancer, you must stop eating meat.

You must eat meat otherwise you could get an iron-deficiency, or take some supplements, easier just to eat meat, we are naturally meat eaters.

You should eat a diet with lots of fibre (no, not fibre optic... I mean stuff like peanuts etc).

You should not eat too much fibre, it can cause severe, and in some cases life threatening issues. In addition you'll contribute to global warming by farting too often as fibre can give you gas.

You should not drink alcohol, while it may be fun it can lead to addiction and give you health issues.

You should drink some alcohol as it helps thin your blood which can, in moderation, lead to health benefits.

Having sex can give you STDs, including HIV. It's best to avoid having sex altogether (Every man in the country yells at their screen)

The Human race needs to breed in order to continue, you should have sex to reproduce. (Every man relaxes)

You should not smoke cigarettes, it has tons of bad crap in it that your body should not have, you should quit by trying to Vape and reducing your nicotine levels and such.

Don't Vape, if you must smoke, use real cigarettes, Vape machines can blow up in your face man.

You should get fit and stay healthy by going for a jog.

You should not run too often in your life, it can damage your knees.

.... etc etc etc...

See where this is going? If you listen to all the advice, you simply cannot do anything. Put bluntly, stay healthy in the way which suites you personally best, and sometimes having a bit of fun doesn't hurt too much so long as you keep it sensible and don't be stupid.

Everything is bad for you, and you WILL die soon. But in the mean time, enjoy life, take some of the advice, but only that which you feel you'd like to really do.

Don't let it get you down. Just enjoy what few years you have left!

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