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Britain ignores booze guidelines – heads for the pub

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Well, isin't that a complete shocker. Who'd have thought?

In other news, warnings that eating meat has statistical correlations to having cancer and that you should immediately give up meat to be a vegeterian for your heath also gets filed in the round filing cabinet under each desk.

If drinking caused horribly sudden death then it would have been apparent 200 years ago when most people were by todays standards almost perpetually drunk. As reference note that the Royal Navy provided (for about a hundred years) eight pints of beer to it's sailors each day if in port (beer went off quickly in 1800 as no cooling existed) or one pint of wine or half a pint of rum when afloat, depending on what was available. The army provided similar amounts when their supply situation allowed (not as easy on campaign when your transport is horse+cart) and the general population also drank huge quantities by modern standards.

If a decade or two of this level of booze intake caused all of the crew/army/general population to die off early then it fails to show significantly in historical records.*

*the cause of shorter lifetimes is generally attributed to there being no retirement or pensions so you worked (generally in hard manual labour) until you couldn't do it anymore and then relied on your family to feed you. You'd probably die of preventable illness because your family couldn't afford a doctors services/medicines even when cures were available.

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