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A salesguy once told us,...

... that Peoplesoft did everything we needed. At the time, (and this is about 16 years ago, maybe a little more) I was testing Microsoft MetaDirectory for a large ISP, to link all the disparate systems that managed user IDs together, as they'd grown through acquisition and so had a lot of replication. We got it working pretty well, the contractor lady we had crafting bespoke connectors knew her stuff, and soon we had Bob Jones in one payroll system mapped to the Bob Jones in Active Directory, and his car lease in the assets database, etc etc. We matched 95% of the employees across systems in the end, just had to mop up the John Smiths etc manually.

The Peoplesoft came along, and sold themselves to HR, 'Peoplesoft can do all that!' he said. HR believed. Oh dear. Our working project got canned for a promise of 'jam tomorrow'.

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