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" is functioning as intended..."

As I'm perfectly fluent in Government of Canada Speak, I can translate that into the Queen's English.

What is means is that some naive but impressive in the flesh wingnut (a.k.a. Project Management Professional) within the government's Project Management Office thought that a major software project like this could be precisely, correctly and fully "Specified" in Specification Document spanning perhaps 1874 pages. As it turns out, they were wrong. Exhibit A is the smoldering ruins of the project.

So the Contractor gritted their teeth and did precisely what they were asked. As it happens, that Spec led to a system that didn't do what was required. The naivety by all concerned is breathtaking.

There are ways to manage such projects that would be at least 20x cheaper, and then be brought on-line and made to work incrementally at essentially zero risk. The end result would be better, faster and vastly cheaper.

Crikey, running the payroll for 120,000 employees is only just out of reach of a spreadsheet.

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