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How do you see that being implemented? I'm not disagreeing, but in one of my heavily downvoted posts I queried this very idea. Absent pay per mile satellite tracking, which is expensive to retrofit to existing vehicles and has privacy issues, or maybe road tolling

Looking at the government's carte blanche for GCHQ to bulk data snatch, and the "right" of every piss-pot public sector body to snoop on your data, why do you think that the costs or the privacy implications matter to them at all? DfT have already used your money on plenty of research on the topic of road pricing, and despite the claims of "no mission creep on e-call", I wouldn't be at all surprised if they could use that for new cars. For the other cars, retrofit of a black box is easy - many young drivers have to have this for insurance purposes, either as professionally installed devices or self-install via a 12V socket.

Using a black box also has the important additional benefits for bureaucrats of enabling road pricing according to time of day, road type and capacity, being able to automatically penalise you for every minor infraction of motoring law, and all that lovely movement data to be kept hoarded forever, and made available to police, taxman, your local council, the Welsh Ambulance service and the rest. By making the M25, M42, M60 et al cost far more at peak hours they'll price motorway users off, and thus not need to address the capacity issues that would otherwise cost hundreds of millions of pounds of government spending. Also, even if the running costs are immense, that doesn't matter - they will get added to the transport user's bills.

Galileo is promising 1m public accuracy, and far better for encrypted use, so the accuracy would be enough to persuade governments that it will work. Like Penalty Charge Notices, the registered keeper would have to pay (if they aren't the user, they need to sort that out, not government's problem, eh?). Crapita would undoubtedly be given billions to build a vehicle registration database, and administer the payments systems. You and I can see why it will struggle to work, put yourself in the shoes of idiot politicians and their incompetent civil service lackeys, and it all seems so feasible.

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