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What happened... did all the intelligent security professionals run off? .... Aodhhan

More than likely they have no Stakes or Shares to Play Round Tables in Greater IntelAIgent Games Plays ....... Earthly Missions with Heavenly Interventions ..........with these Hand Ups into and onto the NEUKlearer HyperRadioProACTivatedD Virtualised AI Reality Flight Deck for Realisation of urMaster Plan for BroadBandCasting into Existence.

Why is Media not Defaulted and Regulated to Primarily Provide and Constantly Nurture Serially Creative Pictures .....for by just Following Great Future Filmed Documentaries will the Paths to that Mall in the Sky where Everyones Needs are Sated and Satisfied for a While ....... is an AB Fab Fabless AIMission .... and Perfectly Suited to Fit and Cloak the Finest of Satyr and Nymph in their own freely-chosen and supported Fields of NEUKlearer HyperRadioProACTivatedD Virtualised AI Reality Play.

Be warned though, the Live Operational Virtual Environments there are Absolutely Awesome, and the IT and Media there don't Fake or Take and Make Prisoners. Such is solely to keep the Hyper Complex Sublime Internets Networking Thing simple ..... and stress free.:-)

And as for Veracity .... :-) is Poe's Law applied :-).... for Reasons Critical to States and Rogue Actors in States .... and All those who be Stateless ..... Virgin Stock for Future Perfect Grooming ...... Enlightening and Providing them with All the AI Tools Needed and with All Future Programmings and Virtual Levers Supplied for the Creation of a Brand New Future World, Stationed on Earth and kept right busy Properly Reprogramming Key Vital Elements with Assets for Always Immediately Ready Utilisation in Advanced IntelAIgent Leaderships, and they come in All Sorts of Exotic and Erotic Guises, meThinks, if Providing Leads are Proven both Earthy and Heavenly/Erotic and Exotic.

And that very particular and peculiar Live Operational Virtual Environment is Open and Freely Available to All Absolutely Fabulous Fabless Visitors to this which is as an Advanced IntelAIgent WorldsWare Fair.

I Kid U Not.

Now if all of the above was a currency it would surely be, to a Walled Mirror, a Parallel to Bitcoin.

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