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“technically what your car just did might have invalidated your insurance (on the basis you are not allowed to leave a running vehicle unattended, granted electric is a grey area in this case) it certainly would if a remote start facility caused an accident.. A start while in gear for example.. Or someone getting into the car as shouldn't.”

Errr... No.

Not even nearly.

Running the climate control from the 12V “housekeeping” battery with the traction battery isolated from the drive system, the transmission remaining locked in Park, the immobiliser and steering lock remaining engaged, and everything else switched off (which is what happens when you use a Leaf’s remote app or timer to activate the climate control for pre-heating or pre-cooling) isn’t remotely analogous to leaving a running vehicle unattended and pretending otherwise is either silly or mischievous. It’s about as dangerous as leaving a conventional car with the ignition switched off, the keys removed, the doors locked, but the parking lights on, i.e. not at all...

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