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Hungry American GTT gobbles Euro network biz Interoute for $2.3bn


Paul Eagles: "Speaking as an Interoute customer that came along as part of the Easynet acquisition it'll be interesting to see how the integration goes. The last few, including MDNX have been an utter disaster for the customer base.

My first thought for GTT was also something like "Ouch! Good luck with that".

I probably shouldn't say too much, but in my sometime role a few years back as a consultant in the Smoke I had the remarkable misfortune to witness one of the worst management teams I'd ever come across, or even heard of ....

For perspective, I was used to British airlines, and yes, these guys were even worse than that ... howling stupidity matched only by supremely oblivious arrogance. Heaven knows what the poor bloody customers thought. Well, lucky them: things really could not get any worse.

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