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As with a few other cases, this is a bit of a blind spot in the IT services companies. The jump from the basic free version to the paid version doesn't seem to take into account the users for whom the free is "not quite enough". Instead of giving a bit of extra space/slightly better service for a small cost there is this enormous jump into a big package subscription, paid annually. i.e from paying nothing a year,every year to paying a chunk a year every year. It's not just the cost- it's also that it's a subscription paid in full every year. 10 years ( say) of the free Dropbox service is 10x0=0. ten years of the 1TB service is £80 a year 10x£80 is £800.

Avast AV is free. The cheapest paid package is £50, every year. Over ten years that's £500. If it was £50 to buy and say a tenner a year to renew it'd be worth it.

Donkeys years ago you bought your AV programme and then you got regular definition updates for as long as you used it. But the beancounters don't want sales, they want cash streams. Stuff 'em.

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