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>So, instead of pursuing ever faster and faster speeds, please OpenReach, concentrate on fibre-ing up the whole country, not just 98% of the population.

Perhaps something Ofcom could do now (ie. something to help users out before FTTP is universally available) is to either regulate 'low end' non-fibre leased line services or encourage enhanced ADSL services, as clearly there is a gap in the market between bulk standard xDSL broadband and leased lines (*1). For example, it shouldn't be that difficult to enable both pairs in a typical telephone line to be used.

Such an action needs to be initiated by Ofcom, as if BT were to propose such solutions, people would simply claim they were trying to wring more profit out of the POTS network and further delay deploying fibre...

(*1) Whilst a leased line has differences (advantages/disadvantages) to DSL, A&A are quoting (prior to survey etc., but including VAT) £1800 install and circa £690 pcm for a 30Mbps leased line, compared to £42 pcm for a similar FTTC service (okay capped at 200GB pcm). Hence why I think there is room in the market for an offering in the £80~200 pcm price bracket. Ie. sufficient for SoHo and micro businesses, who don't typically buy leased lines and hence would have little impact on the leased line market.

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