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Its all Relative

As someone who used to work in Capita, 60 isn't high for them!

I remember a time when it was over 20 a month.

The problem is the senior people only seem to listen to the MD's and they are over paid and Teflon coated ensuring none of their decisions which mislead customers and screw over staff ever come to land on them. The few good MD's have mainly left, which only leaves those which either enjoy banging their heads against walls or those who have managed to evade every rock thrown at them.

Capita is the architect of its own issues, always looking to make money out of itself by charging the internal businesses rates which are well in excess of those externally, which in turn just pushes up the prices for its real customers. Even in the DC when urgent maintenance is needed, the people there know that but their changes get rejected by the internal businesses so they are always on the back foot and getting kicked for P1's which they tried to prevent, and have to work with the worst spec systems around.

The datacentre is apparently currently running a refresh programme for its networks but again it went to the cheapest supplier not one which could give better visibility into issues, or better protection for the huge amount of our data they hold, and which has probably already been leaked out without the 1990's tech realising it.

If Mr Lewis wants the real story I would sit down with the people on the front lines and the customers, it will hurt ALOT but its the only way to understand the businesses and sort out the complexity, which is only their to shield the people who should have been booted out years ago!

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