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Far easier to dress her in pink and give her puppies to play with?

She likes pink. And blue. And green. etc So pink is verbotten why, exactly? And who doesn't like puppies?

She plays with whatever toys she chooses - I usually let her pick her toys when we buy them. There's no point in my insisting she play scalextric just because daddy wants to. It's not like I grew up envisionining a future where I play teddy bears picnic, but as she's 5, its more important that we play what she wants than what I want.

She'll code, when she's old enough. If only to give her fall back options in case her chosen career doesn't work out. She'll service her own car. And she'll kick ass in self defence. These things are far more important to me than what colour she chooses to wear this month, or what toy she plays with.

Sorry, but its her life and her happiness is so much more important than your demented social engineering experiment. You'll understand that when you grow up. And you'll understand why.

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