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What Matt Hancock appears to have forgotten is that many of the churches are listed buildings. Slapping 3 sector antennas on to the spire will not go down well with the planning authority or English Heritage, not to mention the Diocese (there are 42 separate Diocese in England & Wales) who effectively act as custodians of the church.

What also does not help is the operators wanting emergency access to their equipment 24/7 so that they can repair the kit when (not if) it develops a service affecting fault. Got a wedding on the day? Sorry- don't get in the way of our cherry picker or enter the drop zone. Oh, and that tree has to be cut back as its in the way of the antennas.....

Would it not be easier to build a brand new fit for purpose tower in a corner of a field or use streetworks solutions with ground based cabinets that look like old wooden telegraph posts etc?

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