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>I wrote some thoughts on rural broadband a while back.

Yes, it is clear from this short piece and your 'About' section, that you have zero real-world knowledge of the needs of rural internet users, especially farmers.

>The priority should be ADSL-grade always-on connectivity

What do you mean by this?

A local farmer, who had need to exchange red tape with government, was practically unable to do this using the ADSL-grade line they had, due to it being approximately 5.3km long [FYI: Chart of ADSL and ADSL2+ Speed Versus Distance ]

Now they have Gigaclear and completing the red tape is no longer the sole destroying chore it was before I got involved (we installed a mobile broadband router with external antenna - farmhouse with two foot thick stone walls, pointing at a mast ~1km away).

Yes, the focus should be on 'reasonable' speeds, sufficient for normal/typical usage - which is where the proposed Broadband USO bar of 10Mbps is pitched. However, to achieve this in some areas you need fibre, which comes as standard with 'superfast' speeds...

Aside: Given the rise of electric cars, and the associated demand for metals such as copper, I suspect BT will be wanting to remove the copper POTS network so as to take advantage of the increases in metals prices.

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