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I'm taking no sides in this argument. I'm too lazy to have done the research to have an opinion.

But if you want to accuse people of that level of sexism, you need to say who you're accusing and state how you know they hold such opinions. I've seen a bunch of posts I don't agree with, on both sides, but not noticed one that expresses the view that women are only fit for washing cooking and cleaning. If there is one, reply to it with your complaint.

If not, you're part of the problem. Another person taking an extreme position and trying to win the moral high-ground without confronting the issues.

Seeing as you didn't ask me, I'll tell you what those issues are:

1. Has Danone been unfairly hounded out of his job - and possibly had his current life and future career prospects ruined? Is he some evil sexist bastard, or just someone who's got out of his depth and is now being shat upon from a great height by people who love the sounds of their own voices and couldn't give a fuck if they destroy someone's life doing it?

2. The discussion about sexual discrimination. Obviously this is actually the more important matter to society - but if people are going to use someone's life as a way to launch that discussion then they have a duty to be careful about it.

3. You can't get on your high horse and claim to be the more moral, caring person, if you're destroying someone's life in the process without justification.

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