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Kentucky gov: Violent video games, not guns, to blame for Florida school massacre

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World of Marshmellows

You can't regulate stupid. The laws are the problem - period. There is a reason why the Constitution say "gun rights shall not be infringed". Gun restrictions only apply to people who obey the law. Until you marshmellow-headed, hamstper cage ball wanna be's get that through your heads, these types of atrocities will continue to occur. What comes next after you get rid of all the guns? Get rid of all the cars, the fertilizer, the knives, the hammers, the shovels.... Prohibition doesn't work. Allowing sensible people to be armed is the ultimate cure for these lunatics.

Or perhaps the Dumocrats think they can actually afford to put a cop on every corner. That will be fun, especially since the only way that can ever happen is with A.I.

I'd rather take my chances with grandpa and his glock.

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