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I don't think even that's necessarily true. There aren't many rural businesses that need video, but they do need e-mail that works even when the local cabinet is standing in water - most of them could manage with "basic but reliable" broadband, at least for the near future.

You could well be right, but substitute "farmers" for "rural businesses" and things start to look a bit different. By all accounts the farming community is now more or less forced to do on line that which it used to do by pen and paper, and having to download a (large) form from DEFRA, fill it in and then upload it again is consumptive of bandwidth, and time if the bandwidth isn't there to start with. The farming community has been disadvantaged by compulsion to go digital, and it is one group that would definitely benefit from better broadband.

Other rural businesses? Then I suspect you are right; the need is "unproven" and we are stuck with the assertion that universal FTTP will result in a land of milk and honey, and I fail to see how, exactly.

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